Assistant Horse Trainer for:

  • LJM Arabian Horse Ranch

  • Aberdeen, South Dakota

  • An Arabian Halter Show Horse Farm beloved Just Right

I did my college internship at Solland Farms in Delano, MN now Brandywine Farms, in Hamel, MN with Bill Solyntjes and Lloyd Landkamer where I lived on site. I started horses and worked with the Oldenburg Stallions, I also assisted with live breedings. After I finished college I went back to Brandywine and continued to start horses and kept them conditioned with routine workouts.

While attending college I worked on the Daniel C. Gainey Horse Farm Track in Owatonna, MN starting/breaking Thoroughbreds for Canterbury Downs and exercising them.
I believe in taking a horse slow and getting that connection and a good solid foundation. I also believe that the horse not only physically has to be ready for training but mentally as well. I find that putting the essential ground manners on horses, they become more then just our friend, they become a partner. You become respected as the alpha of the herd and they will go to no end to please you.  It makes no difference what discipline or breed, a well balanced, polite, light and responsive horse is what I strive for any discipline.

I treat each horse as an individual as I relate to each horse independently and adapt techniques to fit to their personality and behaviors. The concept and principles are the same but the time tables and techniques may vary on each horse. My main focus is to help shape the individual horse into safe and happy partner so my clients can focus on the joys of owning a horse.

University of Minnesota Waseca

Applied Science degree in Equine Management

My Training Philosophy...

Just Right Acres

My Journey...

I have worked with many different breeds here are some of the following:
Connemaras, Thoroughbreds, Rocky Mountains, Missouri Fox Trotters, Paso Finos, Morgans, Mustangs,  Paints, Holsteiners, Oldenburgs, Swedish Warmbloods, Tennessee Walkers, Norwegian Fjords, Saddlebreds, Appaloosa’s, Quarters, Arabians, Percherons, Shires, Clydesdales, Azteca’s, Andalusians and Lipizzaners.
By age 5 I sat on my first horse and was hooked for life.

By age 9 I started taking Western Riding lessons.

On my 11th Birthday I got the greatest birthday gift a girl could get, a horse by the name of Just Right (JR).  The horse I had been taking Western riding lessons on for the past 2 years was now mine.  

I was blessed to have him in my life till he turned 37 years old. I have had a love for animals my whole life and have a great connection with them. I will sit back and put my self in their body so to speak.

At the age of 15 years old worked for Gene Lelm a Reining Trainer in Maple Plain, MN - Assistant trainer and started Quarter horses and Paints.